Project Lab


In addition to classroom teaching for the overall development of the students and hands-on experience, a Diffusion Club has been created where innovative activities are planned and executed. Flow of such activities is as follows:

1.Exposure to software design simulation of electronic circuits using soft wares such as ORCAD, 

2. Design a development of electronic circuits such as power supplies electronic choke digital 
clock etc.

3. Design fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCB)

4. In-depth training on development of Microcontroller-based systems

5. Computer assembling, repairing, networking etc.

6. Training in Embedded Systems design




Some of the innovative projects developed by the students are:



  1. Automated bottling plant
  2. Robotic arm
  3. Smart home of home appliances through DTMT switching
  4. Path-following Robot
  5. Speech Recognition Robot
  6. Moving message display
  7. Microcontroller-based data acquisition system
  8. Robotic Human hand, etc.


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