Formation of Anti Ragging Committee



An Anti Ragging Committee is constituted as under for Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi.  The committee will advise steps and measures to ensure that no ragging takes place within the campus or outside. The committee is as under:


1 Principal, BVCOE, ND - Chairman
2 All HODs/ Dean Student Welfare - Members
2 Prof. Abhishek Gandhar - Secretary


Representatives of Academic Faculty:

1 Mr. Yogita Arora    
2 Mr. Arun Dubey    
3 Mr. Kusum Tharani    
4 Mr. Arvind Rehalia    
5 Dr. Anil Kumar    
6 Mr. Varun Srivastava    
7 Mr. M.K. Chaudhary (Librarian)    



Representatives of Non-teaching Staff    
1 Mr. Sandeep Patil    
2 Mr. Promod Shinde    



Parent Representative:    
1 Mr. Sanjay Kumar 7070099059  
2 Mr. Kapil Gupta 9650993551  



Student Representatives:    
1 Ms. Meenal Gupta 9654762763  
2 Mr. Vishal Goel 9899537937  



Civil Administration:    
1 SHO, Paschim Vihar Police Station    



Media Representative:    
1  Mr. Amit Rathore 9560313567  
2 Sanjay Goel, Punjab Kesari 9810348845  



NGO Representative:    
1 Jamghat (Mr. Anusheel Anuj) 9560379714  
2 The secretary should work out details of hot spots, tasks and how will committee will function. The secretary shall present these details during the first committee meetingwhich will be held on 29th July2016, at 3:00 p.m.    



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