Faculty Co ordinator: Dr. Vandita Sharma


Student Head: Mr. Dipin Kerketta




A western dance team by the name ‘Spunk’ was started in Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering in the year 2010. Due to presence and influence of various types of western dance forms, some students wanted a separate group for only street dance which was later named ‘Pseudo Devils’, this name continues till date. Pseudo Devils stuck real success when they won competitions at BITS Pilani, Chanel V, Goa Fest and various other street dance events, this phase continued till year 2013 when majority of the members passed out of college. After 2013, the remaining members roped in freshers and continued with their dedication to Western & Street dance and managed to win at a few places like IIT Delhi Rendezvous and BVIMR, they also became runner-ups at MTV Campus Diaries. The BVCOE Dance Society is currently headed by Final year student Dipin Kerketta and the Faculty in-charge is Ms. Silica Kole.

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