ECE DEPARTMENT                 


 A Switching theory and logic design Laboratory of ECE Department lays the strong foundation for understanding, designing and implementing digital circuits starting from a gate level to a simple digital system. This helps the students to convert the basic ideas into an actual working prototype. The lab provides facilities for software simulation using state-of-the-art tool and hardware implementation on digital trainer kit.

Objective of the Laboratory

  • To understand the basic concepts of logic gates and simple digital circuits.
  • To design simple digital circuits using digital ICs.
  • To provide hands on experience in simulating and testing circuits on software.
  • To provide facilities to assemble and test the circuits on hardware.

Courses to cater

  • ETEC-253 STLD lab


Simulation Facilities:     Orcad PSpice simulation tool

Hardware implementation Facilities: Digital trainer kit.

Measurement Facilities: DSO, multimeters.

Current  Projects

  • Mini projects in third year and minor /major projects in final year.


  • Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Shifaly Sharma
  • Other Faculty Users: Ms. Monica Gupta
  • Lab Technician: Ms. Deepa