Chapter Head (Faculty Name): Dr. Suman Yadav

Chapter members (Students Core Team): Vishav Bhatla (Chairperson, Athena)

Vinayak Garg (Vice Chairperson, Athena)

Vaibhav Goyal (Vice Chairperson, Athena)

Krish Deep (Joint Secretary, Athena)

Gaurav Chahar (Joint Secretary, Athena)

Objectives: Gaming in this day and age is not only associated with entertainment but has also progressed towards full time careers as competitive gamers, streamers, and game developers. Athena founded in 2023 aimed towards providing a platform to students of this esteemed institution where we host competitive gaming events aimed at challenging abilities of the player and organize seminars and workshops focussed towards game development while having fun and entertaining others as well. Game development is a vast industry. A game developer could be a programmer, a sound designer, an artist, a designer, or many other roles available in the industry. We work on real time game development projects as well.

Goals of Athena

G1: To create awareness and interest in gaming and game development among students.

G2: To Provide opportunities for students to enhance their skills in game development areas and game experience by working on various projects.

G3: To Provide an opportunity to showcase their talents in exhibitions, competitions, and gaming tournaments.

G4: To enhance creativity, technical skills, teamwork and strategy making.