Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, New Delhi is an academic Institute dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. In order to inspire students from many academic fields, the intellectual property right cell was established in 2013. The cell’s major goal is to promote innovation and creativity in new areas of higher professional education in order to support the development of knowledge. The IPR cell’s goal is to help students become more analytical and creative. This is accomplished through brainstorming sessions, conversations among multidisciplinary students, expert speeches, etc. Its activities, which are centered on faculty, students, project staff, supporting staff, and innovators, are founded on knowledge and intellectual exercise.


  1. Dr. Yogita Arora, Incharge
  2. Ms Shilpa Gupta, Member
  3. Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Member
  4. Ms Monika Bhutani, Member
  5. Ms Sarita Yadav, Member
  6. Dr. Saket Gupta, Member
Patent (Filed/Published/Granted)
Patent status 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 Total
Filed 1 1 2 5 0 9
Published 5 7 6 1 1 20
Granted 3 0 5 7 1 16
S.No. Event Name Speaker
1 IPR Awareness Program Mr.Yasir Abbas Zaidi
2 TECHNOVATION (Project Competition)
3 IPR Awareness Program Dr. D Usha Rao
4 Webinar on “World Beyond Engineering” Mr. Abhas Sinha
5 Webinar on “Expanding Horizons Beyond Engineering” Mr. Haresh Singh & Ms. Khushtar Pandit
6 Caseopedia – Case Study Challenge
7 Webinar on “How to Build Your Business Canvas Model” Ms. Apurva Suchitra Somvanshi
8 Webinar on “Team Building and Leadership” Mr. Sarang Kasar
9 Quiz on “Guess the Company?”
10 Webinar on “Patents in a Nutshell, Building Strategic Assets” Mr. Satyoki Koundinya
11 Webinar on “Indian Patents and Research” Mr. Amit Koshal