Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering

Dear Student,

While the BVCOE makes every effort to ensure that you are able to pursue your programme of study without any difficulty, we are aware that sometimes due to lack of information, and sometimes due to the sheer magnitude of operations, you do occasionally face problems. It is with the objective of putting in place a system for quick resolution of your problems that grievances portal has been developed. We hope that this platform shall help us in addressing your problems in the shortest possible time, allowing you all your time to focus on your studies.

The Grievance Committee of the College has been constituted as under:

  1. Dr. Arati Kane HOD-ICE, Chairperson
  2. Dr. Kusum Tharani HOD-EEE, Member
  3. Dr. Prakhar Priyadarshi HOD-IT, Member
  4. Dr. S.B.Kumar Assistant Professor, ECE, Executive Member
  5. Mr. Sandeep Patil Admin Officer, Member
  6. Mr. Shivam Kapoor B.Tech,ECE,4th Year (Elected Student Representative) Member 
  7. Mr. Shivam Sharma B.Tech, CSE, 4th Year (Elected Student Representative) Member
  8. Mr. Abhinav Raj B.Tech, EEE, 4th Year (Elected Student Representative) Member
  9. Ms. Shruti Gupta B.Tech, ICE, 4th Year (Elected Student Representative) Member
  10. Mr. Shourya Dua B.Tech, IT, 4th Year (Elected Student Representative) Member

Grievance Redressal Committee 2022-23 Circular

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