Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities 

The student associations of different departments of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi engage in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities provide a platform for students to explore new interest, exhibit leadership skills and work in teams. 

A national level cultural fest “XTASY” is organized bi-annually providing them an opportunity to excel in various other fields apart from academics.

All the students participate in a wide-range of activities which are related to technical and cultural fields that nurture their skills. Most of these activities initiated by the students develop a dynamic culture, foster team spirit among the students.

Co-curricular activities:

Every year the Institute hosts “BVEST”, a national level Technical Fest, which enables the students to present various live models and organize paper presentations and workshops. This provides an opportunity to them to come to terms with the recent advances and practical implications of their theoretical knowledge.

NSS Activities:

National Service Scheme (NSS) at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi takes active interest in fulfilling the social responsibilities. Many blood donation camps are organized. The NSS volunteers visit nearby orphanages and distribute milk and bread and also participate in awareness campaigns.


We are giving special attention for the co-curricular and extracurricular activities of students, to strengthen their mind along with physic. We offer more opportunity for students as celebration of various days and events.

S.No. Event
1. Independence Day
2. Republic Day
3. Teachers Day
4. Fresher’s Day
5. Farewell Day
6 Founder’s Day



The college has a fully air-conditioned state-of-the-art auditorium has a seating capacity of around 350 people .The auditorium is a regular venues for conferences, workshops, and seminars. The purpose of the auditorium is to enhance the quality of education. To make this possible, the auditorium offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens, white-boards for delivering lectures. The auditorium is well-furnished, air-conditioned and equipped with modern projection and acoustic systems with access to the internet. It also provides ample opportunity for our staff and students to exhibit their talents in various activities.

Music Room Equipment

All basic musical equipments are made available to the students.  Instruments like the harmonium, tabla, sitar, sarod, congo, drums, piano, keyboard and others are accessible for the students.  The music department is equipped with teaching students both vocal and instrumental Indian classical music.  Interested students can learn contemporary dances and songs as well as classical dances.



S. NO Name of Sport Committee Members Affiliation Position
1 Dr. Abhishek Gandhar Associate Professor, 

EEE Department

2 Dr. Vandita Sharma Assistant Professor,

Applied Sc. Department

Executive Member
3 Ms Sarita Yadav Assistant Professor,

IT Department

4 Dr Ruchi Sharma Assistant Professor,

ECE Department

5 Ms Annu Dabas Assistant Professor,

ECE Department

6 Mr. Lalit Batra Assistant Professor, Applied Sc. Department Member
7 Ms Amrita Tickoo Assistant Professor,

CSE Department

8. Mr. P.Patil Estate Officer Member
9 Mr B. G. Kadam Staff member Member


  1. To conduct the Bi-Annual college fest “XTASY”.
  2. To conduct annual scheduled social activities..
  3. To send the nominations for university level annual GGSIPU social meet “ANOOGOONJ”. 
  4. To provide facilities and fulfill the equipment requirements for all social activities.


    1. To maintain the facilities of Auditorium and equipment for social activities in BVCOE.
    2. To ensure the proper Discipline in the social activities/meet/Fest.
    3. To ensure all social activities/meet/Fest must be conducted in amicable manner. 
    4. To ensure the safety of students during the social activities/meet/Fest events.