Festival (XTASY)

Having fun, enjoying every moment, dancing to the tune, swinging around, playing to the beat are no longer the synonyms of enjoying for that credit goes to the power packed fest “XTASY’ . Bharati Vidyapeeth in its ceaseless mission of providing quality education is organizing its  Annual Cultural Fest “XTASY”. 

The fest  have its share of drama, excitement and life with Battle of bands, music competitions, fashion show, photography, dances. The fest gives a freshness  to the students and  once in a life chance of re-living the “Step Up” moment live! This is a exuberating and scintillating fest !

1) Photography “Shutterbug”
2)Group Dance “Thirak”
3) Singing “Mellifluous”
4)Stage Play “Dekh Tamaasha Dekh”
5)Street Dance “Pump up the beat”
6)Battle of Bands
7)Fashion Show “Haute Couture”
8)Theatre “From Page to Stage”
9)Duet Dance “Two to Tango”
10) Graffiti “Scratch Scribble Play”
11) Face Painting “The Mask”
12) DJ Night 
13) Tee Shirt Painting “Just Spray It”
14) Karaoke

And many more !!!