Faculty Head: Prof.(Dr.) Vanita Jain
Faculty Co-ordinator: Mrs. Renu Taneja


Student’s Team:

  1. Ms. Tripti Gupta (Chairperson)
  2. Mr. Himanshu Jaggerwal (Vice Chairperson)
  3. Ms. Swapnil Varmani (Vice Chairperson)

Brief Description           

BVP ISTE is the student chapter of the Indian Society for Technical Education which was established in Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering in 2011 to promote technical education in a more hands-on approach. BVP ISTE has constantly strived to achieve its goal of focusing more on practical knowledge. We have tried to achieve this through various sessions, workshops and competitions in the field of hardware, software and research. As of 2014, the society has more than 300 registered members in the college.  

Our ideology and enthusiasm for technology is summed up in our motto – Innovation && Technology  

Since its inception in April, 2011, the society has been very active in working towards its goal of promotion of technical knowledge.

Latest Events Conducted

a) Workshop on Arduino Basics:  

11th February, 2015

A workshop was conducted by BVP ISTE to teach students about the basics of Arduino microcontroller and let them get hands-on practice with Arduino programming.

b) BVEST 2014:

28th October, 2014

BVP ISTE participated in the annual technical competition of BVCOE, BVEST 2015. The society conducted a variety of competitions including:

  • Hydro-Rocket
  • C++ Sleepless
  • ExQuizIt
  • RoboHustle
  • Android Gaming

c) Treasure Hunt & Orientation :  

3rd September, 2014

To introduce BVP ISTE to new students, ITSTE conducted a Treasure Hunt and orientation event to highlight the society’s activities and workshops.

d) Dr. Homi Bhabha National Innovation Challenge:

16th April, 2014

It provided a national level platform for students who wanted to exhibit their passion for technology through their projects. It witnessed a considerable participation of students who displayed their expertise with practical engineering projects

e) BVP ISTE ‘Hack Day’ Hackathon :

1st February, 2014

The society, in collaboration with BVP Firefox Club, conducted BVP?s first Hackathon, ‘Hack Day’. Teams of three were asked to participate in the event which was a test of skill and endurance for the participants. The competition involved coding for eight straight hours and finally showcasing the project that the teams had worked on. The results were astounding with teams showcasing ingenious products like an improved Electronic Voting Machine and clever security solution for Android devices. The prizes included cash and loads of goodies for the winners.

f) Evoluzione 2015:

24th March 2015

BVP ISTE will be conducting its annual fest, Evoluzione 2015. Evoluzione has traditionally witness participation from all over Delhi-NCR with this year expecting an even bigger turnout.

The society will conduct a variety of competitions and workshops from all areas including programming, electronics and general awareness. The one-day fest will have over fifteen competitions for students from across the city’s colleges.

g) Big Data Workshop :

13th March, 2015

A workshop on Big Data is to be conducted by Aricent technologies in partnership with BVP ISTE.

h) Hack-day Hackathon:

21st-22nd March, 2015

BVP ISTE will conduct the second iteration of Hack Day Hackathon. The 48 hours event will be conducted and participation from all over the country is expected.