Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established  in the college.  The IQAC ensures the effective implementation of quality initiatives through continuous reviews and periodic meetings. The IQAC works towards attaining excellence in all academic and administrative endeavors of the institution.  The IQAC will make a significant and meaningful contribution in the post-accreditation phase of institutions. During the post-accreditation period, the IQAC will channelize the efforts and measures of an institution towards academic excellence.

Functions of IQAC

  1. Development and application of quality benchmarks
  2. Parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution;
  3. Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process;
  4. Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes;
  5. Dissemination of information on various quality parameters to all stakeholders;
  6. Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles;
  7. Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement;
  8. Acting as a nodal agency of the Institution for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices.
  9. Periodical conduct of Academic and Administrative Audit and its follow-up.

Constitution of IQAC

IQAC may be constituted in every institution under the Chairmanship of the Head of the institution and a few teachers and a few distinguished educationists and representatives of local management and stakeholders.

The composition of the IQAC may be as follows:

  1. Chairperson: Head of the Institution
  2. Teachers to represent
  3. One member from the Management
  4. Few Senior administrative officers
  5. One nominee   from local society, Students and Alumni
  6. One nominee  from Employers /Industrialists/Stakeholders
  7. One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

The composition of the IQAC will depend on the size and complexity of the institution, accordingly the representation of teachers may vary. It helps the institutions in planning and monitoring.

  • The membership of such nominated members shall be for a period of two years.
  • The IQAC should meet at least once in a year.
  • The quorum for the meeting shall be two-third of the total number of members.
  • The agenda, minutes and Action Taken Reports are to be documented with official signatures and maintained electronically in a retrievable format.
  • It is necessary for the members of the IQAC to shoulder the responsibilities of generating and promoting awareness in the institution and to devote time for working out the procedural details.

IQAC Members

Dr. Dharmender Saini Principal and Chairperson 
Dr. A. K. Srivastava Professor in BVIMR, New Delhi
Dr. Kirti Gupta Professor and Coordinator
Dr. Sushil Kumar Professor and Coordinator
Dr. Pranav Dass Professor
Ms. Neera Agrawal Associate Professor
Dr. Deepika Kumar Associate professor
Mr. Ajay Goel Vice President, Aricent Technology
Mr. Sandeep Patil Office Superintendent
Mr. Aditya Jain Alumni
Ms. Navika Chaddha Student

Benefits of IQAC

  1. Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  2. Ensure internalization of the quality culture
  3. Ensure enhancement and integration among the various activities of the college and good practices
  4. Provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning
  5. Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in Bharati Vidya College of Engineering, New Delhi.
  6. Build an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication