The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is grateful for the opportunity to conduct BVEST this year.
The aim of BVEST 2021, to be conducted on 28th-29th October, 2021 is to bring together a wide range of curious and enthusiastic minds to create something that will surely be a unique and enriching experience.
Coming to the theme of BVEST’21,
it is centred around “Towards Global Innovation”.
Bearing that in mind, we aim to promulgate the idea of how a global approach is of utter importance, especially during the pandemic. 
We are going to organise 15 events and 6 pre-fest events with over 20 collaborating student chapters, offering students plenty of exposure, knowledge and opportunities.
Our flagship events HackBVEST’21 is the main highlight of our fest. We want to make the theme of global innovation in all fields open for young leaders who wish to create cutting-edge technology to achieve global impact.
With many exciting themes like *gaming, fintech, blockchain, healthcare, AI/ML, space tech, sustainable energy and open innovation*. 
It will be a 24-hour Hackathon with various mentoring sessions in between, to ensure that teams get the best guidance in the sectors of technology and entrepreneurship, for their respective projects.
By including a great variety of technical fields, we strive to make sure, no ideas are left behind. 
We cordially invite you all to attend and witness global innovation.
Link for Hackathon registration: