Student Coordinator: 

Chairperson:              Mr. Harshil Rastogi, CSE, 4th year

Vice-chairperson:     Mr. Dhairay Ahuja, IT, 3rd year


Brief Description:

BVP Inc. is a student Business Club of BVCOE formulated in January 2006.The Business club aims to inform, inspire and encourage students about business and entrepreneurship. The primary aim is to inculcate a business sense in the young budding up engineers so that they are never alienated on topics pertaining to subjects from the world of business and along with the technical skills they always have knack of business and economic issues and do not feel alienated in any such situation. The club accomplishes this goal by organizing events pertaining to the business world, conducting group discussions and inviting speakers and entrepreneurs to discuss their experiences.The secondary objective is to maintain and strengthen the BVP Inc. alumni, BVP Inc. budding / established entrepreneur network through all available resources. BVP Inc. works on peer to peer information sharing and aims at creating general business awareness amongst its members. It has a membership of 200+ students. BVP Inc. club activities include: Business News Room, Company and Personality Profiles, Case Studies, Business Quiz, GDs, etc.

The student chapter ‘BVP Inc’, the Business Club of the college also aims to acclimatize students with the business jargon and the latest news and happenings from the corporate world.

The group has been very instrumental in organizing meetings for the above mentioned objectives and the meetings have always attracted a good number of enthusiastic students. The meetings have thrived on peer to peer information sharing with students contributing in the form of news reports, quizzes, presentations and GD’s. GDs have also been performed latest issues and even on cases taken from the reputed journals of B-schools or management magazines. Active participation from students and their continually encouraging feedbacks have always been the driving force for the club and its members to attain new heights of glory.

This has helped students enhance not only their knowledge on various management issues but has also helped them to come out of the shell of oblivion. This has also burnished their presentation skills and has led to an all-round development.

Latest Events Conducted

Event: 1. BVPL AUCTIONS 2.0

Date: 28th – 29th October 2014.

2. Event: Corporate Dressing

Date: 28th – 29th October 2014.    

3. Event: MOCK STOCK

Date: 28th – 29th October 2014.

4. Event: B-Quiz

Date: 28th – 29th October 2014.


Date: 28th – 29th October 2014.

Forthcoming Events:


The event was meant to increase awareness and ignite the need of non-technical,general knowledge among students.

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