Campus Blocks BVP is a technical society which was started in 2019, in association with , with an aim to help students to hone their coding skills through guidance and events like hackathons. In our recent times, we have organized events with the objective to hone the technical skills of students ranging from Coding Competition 3.0 where students were given 3 questions aiming to simulate coding interview experience to roadmap events such as Roadmap to DSA and Web Development where they were guided on important topics for their placement preparations.


  • Faculty Mentor: Neha Gupta
  • Chairperson:  Paarth Bhasin
  • Vice-Chairperson: Gaurav, Akriti Saxena 
  • General Secretary: Devanshi Singh
  • Treasurer:   Tarushi Mishra


  • Technical: Mayank Gagneja, Mayank Goel, Dhruv Mittal
  • Design: Dhruv Kotra 
  • Event Management: Chirag Jagyani
  • Operations: Ayush Dixit
  • Publicity: Aditya Pant 
  • Social Media: Aditya Raghav