ACADEMIC YEAR   2022-2023

Particulars Date Category
Power System Restructuring & Renewable Energy Integration (PSRREI 4.0) PSRREI 4.0   6th -10th September 2022  Short Term Course
Hands on R Programming 15th November 2022  Technical Talk
Embedded AI workshop CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE -Embedded AI 10th November 2022  Webinar 
DMRC field visit   22nd September 2022 Field Visit
Industrial Automation and Evolution for 4.0  15th January 2023  Webinar
Seminar on Science and Technology 15th January 2023 Seminar
Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design 1st  February  2023 Workshop
Expert Talk on 5G Future Networks 15th February 2023 Expert Talk
 Inter/Intra Institutional Innovation Competition  10th March 2023  Competition

ACADEMIC YEAR   2021-2022

Technical Writing and Research Publishing using Latex 3.0 23-25th February, 2022 Short Term Training Course
Comprehensive Hands-on Skilling Program on SOLAR SETUP 12th February, 2022  Workshop
IPR Awareness Program 21st December, 2021  Webinar
Introduction to Self-Excited Induction Generator 1st October , 2021 Expert Talk

ACADEMIC YEAR   2020-2021

A Deep Dive into the field of Automation: ML-IOT  8th -12th July 2021 Webinar
TECHUDYAM 2021-The 3rd

Edition of the National Student Symposium

15th-16th June 2021 National Student Symposium
Introduction to the world of Drones by Drone Federation of India 20th March 2021 Webinar
Cyber Security and Adversaries of Cyber Attacks 8th-12th March, 2021 Short Term Training Program
Cyber Security and Network Penetration Testing by E Council certified Ethical Hackers 27th March 2021 Workshop
Technical Writing and Research Publishing using LATEX 2.0 25th-26th March 2021 Short Term Training Course
Opportunities in the Telecom Industry 24th September 2020 Webinar
Research and Engineers by Mr. Rajat Kumar, Stony Brook University, USA 29th September 2020 Webinar

ACADEMIC YEAR   2019-2020

IOT-based decentralized architecture for flexibility provision in smart grid by Prof. Pierluigi Siano, University of Salemo, Italy 21st April 2020 Webinar
TECHUDYAM 2020-The 2nd Edition of the National Student Symposium 13th – 14th April 2020 National Student Symposium
Trends and Opportunities in Networking by Mr. Aalap from CISCO Bangalore 27th March 2020 Webinar
Women in Entrepreneurship by Siemens Technology 22th February 2020 Session
Scientists and Engineers: A winning Combination 20th November 2019 Webinar
Technical Writing and Research Publishing using Latex 2.0 23rd-27th September 2019 Short Term Course

ACADEMIC YEAR   2018-2019

Deep Learning by Mr. Vasudev Singh and Mr. Rajesh from CODING BLOCKS 29th January 2019 Workshop
SENSENuts an IoT platform 7th February 2019 Workshop
Wireless Propagation in collaboration with NITTTR Chandigarh 25th Feb-1st March 2019 Short Term Course
TECHUDYAM 2019-The 1st Edition of the National Student Symposium 10th April 2019 National Student Symposium
Innovian Technologies – concepts of IoT using Rasberry-Pi. 23rd-24th August 2018 Workshop
Next Generation Wireless Networks 26th -30th November 2018 Short Term Course