Chapter Advisors

DR. YUGNANDA ( Associate Professor, ECE Department)

DR. JOLLY PARIKH (Assistant Professor, ECE Department)


  • Ashutosh Singhal   –President
  • Ayush Mallik           –Vice-President
  • Vivek Sood             –Secretary
  • Srishti Parti             Treasurer
  • Vaibhav Shakkarwal  –Special Officer


The mission of the Optical Society is to promote the generation, dissemination, application, and archiving of knowledge in OPTICS and  PHOTONICS. The society serves various scientific and technical purposes. The chapter organizes and holds annual conference on optics and photonics, inviting esteemed speakers to conduct seminars and researchers to present their work. Several professional lecturers are routinely invited to address an audience of the student chapter with new findings in their respective academic pursuit along with visits to their place of work.