Solar energy harvester (SEH) for wireless sensor network (WSN) nodes with compact models of solar panel and harvesting circuits includes a photovoltaic (PV) panel, DC-DC converter and control circuit, battery and an inverter. Energy harvesting using small portable polycrystalline PV panel is used to enable WSN nodes in the proposed design. Requirement of small size sensor nodes demands smaller size solar cells that can generate only limited energy. Voltage generated from the compact PV panel is less than the required output voltage even at maximum sunlight. In order to increase the voltage, PV panel is directly connected to boost converter. Since super capacitors have lower power density and higher leakage, Lead acid rechargeable battery is used as energy storage device.

With tremendous increase in population in India, the amount of waste which is generated by each individual every day is very high. Some of the waste can be recycled and some cannot. For this purpose, it has become mandatory to design a system which automatically segregates various types of waste. While designing the solution to this problem, we have proposed a smart garbage system which not only segregates the metallic, dry and wet waste but also converts the wet waste into compost automatically. The purpose of converting the wet waste into compost is that it can be further used in horticulture, urban agriculture and organic farming. Apart from these two features, another feature is that it alerts the waste management center through IoT system whenever any of the metallic or dry garbage bin is full to avoid overfilled landfills which lead to serious environmental hazards. Therefore, this work has been proposed to give back to our nation, making our India a ‘Swachh Bharat’. 

UV-Sanitize is an intelligent sanitizing machine that projects UV-C radiations onto articles such as fruits &  vegetables, groceries, electronic devices etc. rendering them free from the Corona virus. Since Ultraviolet-C  Light is germicidal in nature, it causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms, thereby rendering the  organisms unable to replicate. Thus, their cells ultimately die, making UV-C perfect for sanitization. UV-  Sanitize is equipped with intelligent features such as a preset auto timer, password protection, multiple modes  of   operation safety lock and 360-degree sanitization. 

After the pandemic, developing devices which can detect crowded places or ensure social distancing in public places can improve the quality of life. Since we can only be cautious in seeing front and sideways to maintain a proper distance, social distancing can be violated by the person standing behind us. It is important to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) between the wearer and the person behind. Moreover, as per the WHO guidelines, it is advised to reduce the contact between hands and face. Any contact of the nose or mouth with hands should be avoided since the hands can act as carrier of the Corona virus to the human body. Capoflague is a smart social distancing cap that alerts the user and the person to obey social distancing when it is violated by anyone walking past us. In addition, if one touches his/her face, it alerts the user not to do that by a beeping sound. 

This project combines Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things, developing a smart surveillance system that constantly monitors the video feed of the CCTV Cameras inside the DRDO premise. It processes the feed to look for the presence of any unknown person in the restricted areas. To achieve this, Raspberry Pi 3B+ has been combined with an AI-based pre-trained model that secures the premises without any human intervention. It sends an alert message to the respective authority in case an unknown person appears in the processed video feed. The setup is pre-fed with the images of known personnel. 

Shastra is a women’s safety accessory that electrocutes an assaulter in case of an attack. This product helps women to feel safer than ever by helping them defend themselves and giving them time to escape from an unsafe situation. It also instills fear in the mind of the wrong-doer even before the use. The product can be in any form of accessory making it very accessible unlike phones and pepper sprays. In case of an attack, Shastra sends an SOS message to people present within the 2-mile radius, emergency contacts, and the nearest police station after or before the tap based on one’s choice. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulation has been shown to increase athletic performance, relieve pain, and serve a number of other purposes. However, a neuromuscular electrical stimulator is less accessible, affordable and equipped with limited features. Through this prototype, an Electrical Muscle Stimulator is developed that is easy to use, connected with a mobile application making it more user-friendly and equipped with advanced facilities such as session scheduling and monitoring, pulse rate sensing for senior citizens etc.

Sahayak is a One-Stop-All Website that caters to the needs of physically-challenged people. It enables the user to acquire a hands-free learning experience with the help of Gaze Detection. Sahayak creates a custom-catered learning experience for them, which helps them to achieve education and build a career to become self-reliant. 

Project Ikigai is an endeavour to raise awareness about and assist people with mental-health issues. The website created in project ikigai acts as one-stop assistance for mental health issues. It offers questionnaires about mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleeping disorders, etc. These questionnaires, designed by qualified psychiatrists and therapists, are aimed at helping the user to recognize if they’re prone to having mental-health issues.  The website, in collaboration with the NGO Kiran Charitable Trust, offers the users affordable counselling and therapy sessions (offline and online) with qualified therapists. Moreover, the website contains a database that assists the users in seeking help in their city and also provides a list of working helplines. Furthermore, the website also contains informative blogs written by qualified psychologists and psychiatrists de-stigmatising and raising awareness about the mental-health issues and debunking myths that surround them. The website also consists of forums where users can anonymously ask questions from qualified professionals.

This project consists of State-wise Covid-19 Analysis, followed data visualization and interpretation of results. The state-wise Covid-19 data was cleaned & pre-processed on the using python. Data Visualization was done after checking the co-relations within the variables using various types of plots to analyze state-wise data and find the Covid Hotspots across India. The data visualization was concluded with a detailed report of the analysis using mathematical calculations & analyzing the affected states in terms of death ratio, discharge ratio, active ratio & number of covid cases. Finally, the total percentage of the population affected by Covid-19 was calculated and the state-wise vaccination analysis was included in the report.