About the Lab

The intelligent system and control lab deals with the application of fuzzy logic to deal with the dynamic system control. Fuzzy models are of two types: Mamdanai and T-S type. The experiments consist of designing the fuzzy based controller and to compare its performances with the conventional PID controller.

List Of Experiments

  1. To generate triangular, trapezoidal and sigmoidal membership function using MATLAB Tool box.
  2. To write MATLAB program to generate sum, difference and product of the above Membership function.
  3. To compare the response of conventional PI Controller with its Fuzzy Counterpart using  MATLAB Simulink.
  4. To implement Fuzzy Controller for temperature control system using MATLAB Software.
  5. To implement Mamdani type of Fuzzy Controller and to study the control output for different input combination.
  6. To implement Sugeno type of Fuzzy Controller for different input combination.
  7. To implement Fuzzy Controller for 2nd/3rd order system using MATLAB.
  8. Implementing Fuzzy Controller to control process variable such as temperature, pressure, flow etc.
  9. To implement Fuzzy P, PI and PID Controller using Mamdani implication.