Syllabi and Lecture plan – 3rd Semester

Syllabi and Lecture plan – 4th Semester

Third Semester Fourthsemester
Computational Methods(ES-201) Sensors &Transducers(ICC-210)
Indian Knowledge system(HS-203) Electrical &Electronic Measurement(EEC214)
Engineering Electromagnetics(ICC-205) Communication System(ECC206)

Electrical Machines(EEC-207) Digital Electronics(ECC208)

Circuit and system(EEC-213) Technical Writing(HS-204)
Analog Electronics(ECC-219) Probability, Statistics and Linear Programming(BS-202)

Syllabi and Lecture plan – 5th Semester

Syllabi and Lecture plan – 6th Semester

Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Economics for Engineers(HS-301) Digital Signal Processing(ETEC-306)
Digital Signal Processing(ECC-303) Pnematic and Hydraulic system(ETIC-302)

Introduction to Control system(EEC-307) Process control(ETIC-304)
Industrial &optical Instrumentation(ICC-309) Modern control system(ETIC-358)
Computer Networks(CIC-313) Analytical Instrumentation(ETIC-308)
Microprocessor &Microcontroller(ECC-313) Data Communication and Networks(ETEC-310)

Syllabi and Lecture plan – 7th Semester

Syllabi and Lecture plan – 8th Semester

Seventh semester Eigth Semester
Biomedical Instrumentation(ETIC-403) Virtual Instrumentation(ETIC-406)
Database Management System(ETCS-425) Consumer Electronics(ETEC-408)
Digital Control system(ETIC-401) Object oriented software Engineering(ETCS-412)
Software Engineering(ETIC-423) Human Values&Professional ethics(ETHS-402)
Artificial Neural Network(ETIC-405) Intelligent System Control(ETIC-404)
Artificial Neural Network(ETIC-405)

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