About the Lab

The word “Transducer” is the collective term used for both Sensors which can be used to sense a wide range of different energy forms such as movement, electrical signals, radiant energy, thermal or magnetic energy, etc., and Actuators which can be used to switch voltages or currents.

There are many different types of sensors and transducers, both analogue and digital and input and output available to choose from. The type of input or output transducer being used depends upon the type of signal or process being “Sensed” or “Controlled, ” but we can define a sensor and transducers as devices that convert one physical quantity into another.

Devices which perform an “Input” function are commonly called Sensors because of they “sense” a physical change in some characteristic that changes in response to some excitation, for example, heat or force and covert, that into an electrical signal. Devices which perform an “Output” function are called Actuators and are used to control some external device, for example, movement or sound.

Electrical Transducers are used to convert energy of one kind into energy of another kind, so for example, a microphone (input device) converts sound waves into electrical signals for the amplifier to amplify (a process), and a loudspeaker (output device) converts these electrical signals back into sound waves and an example of this type of simple Input/Output (I/O) system.

This lab has sensors and transducers for conducting experiments and to gain insight into working of such devices which can be used in day to day life.

List of Experiments:

1. Study of various sensors e.g., Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor, Magnetic Sensorns, Load Cells, Film Sensors.

2. Characteristics of (Resistive and Thermo emf) temperature sensor.

3. Measurement of displacement using LVDT

4. Measurement of strain and torque using strain gauges

5. Measurement of speed using photoelectric sensors, tachogenerators and stroboscope.

6. Calibration and measurement of temperature using PRT.

7. Static and Dynamic Characteristics of sensors.

8. Liquid level measurement using capacitive measurement system.

9. Pressure measurement using load cell.

10. Study and operation of Electrochemical Cell.