Lab Room No: A-304
Lab In charge: Dr. Neeraj Kumar
Lab Assistant: Mr. Prem Singh
Lab Subjects :   (a) Analog Electronics – I (ETEC – 251)   (b) Analog Electronics – II (ETEC – 254) (c) Electronics-I (as per new scheme)


About Lab:

Analog Electronics Laboratory is a unit of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The role of this laboratory is to educate undergraduate students in the concepts and techniques of Basic Electronics Systems and to carry out cutting-edge research in this area. Laboratory experiments in electronic circuits using semiconductor devices, including diodes, BJTs and Op-Amp. Employing a learn-by-doing approach, emphasizing the hands-on-experimental experiences. Moderate circuit design experience on which experiments are conducted. Senior design and project students use the lab on an open basis. Students may simultaneously work out the solution on the PCs using MATLAB/PSPICE and see exactly how the theoretical and practical observation differ. No. of Setups – 05

Hardware Details:5-Power supply, 5- Function Generator,4- DSO, 2 computers (I-5 processor, 4/8 GB RAM,)

Software details: MATLAB

List of Experiment for Electronics-I (ECC-261)

  1. To plot V-I characteristics of a semiconductor diode & calculate static & dynamic resistance.
  2. To Study the Reverse characteristics of Zener diode.
  3. To Study the Rectifier circuit (With and Without Filter).
    a) Half Wave Rectifier.
    b) Centre Tapped Rectifier.
    c) Bridge Rectifier.
  4. To Plot Input & Output characteristics CB/CE/CC transistor.
  5. Realization of basic gates
  6. Implementation of Boolean functions (two or three variables).
  7. Realize all gates using NAND & NOR gates.
  8. Realize Half Adder, Full Adder, Half subtracter, Full subtracter.
  9. Realize Master-Save J K Flip-Flop, using NAND/NOR gates.
  10. Realize Universal Shift Register.
  11. Realize Self-Starting, Self-Correcting Ring Counter.
  12. Realize Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer.