Lab Room No– B-004

Lab In charge- Dr. Bharat Singh

Lab Attendant – Mr. Anuj

Subjects–   Electrical Drives−Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-451)

About Lab:

Electrical Drives Laboratory is intended for students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, branch, for conducting various experiments in speed control of electrical machines. Electric drives are equipped with over 10 experimental setups with several machines which includes DC Machines, three phase Induction Motor, and single-phase Induction Motor etc. Most experimental setup use power controller to control their speed. Microcontroller based kits are also available in lab. The lab facilities are enough to perform experiments as per the syllabus and beyond the syllabus. The lab gives the students sufficient practical data and industrial applications of electrical machines and speed control. The drive lab is equipped with all kinds of AC and DC machines required for undergraduate lab session and research activities in the field. Electrical Drive Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-451is being conducted in this lab.

Hardware Details: AC Drives, 3-phase & 1-phase Microcontroller, DC shunt Motor(1HP), 3 phase Squirrel cage induction motor (1HP), Slip ring induction motor (2HP) & 1 Phase Induction Motor (1HP), Experimental set up for study the closed loop control of BLDC Motor. 2 Computers (I5 processor, 2.7Ghz, 8 GB RAM)

Software Detail: MATLAB

List of Experiment: 

  1. Speed control of three phase slipring motor using static rotor resistance control through rectifier and chopper circuit.
  2. Design and simulation of three phase induction motor for different load condition.
  3. V / f Control or Frequency Control of Three phase Induction Motor.
  4. Open loop and closed loop control of BLDC motor.
  5. Open loop and closed loop control of dc motor.
  6. To study speed control of single-phase induction motor using micro controller
  7. To study speed control of three phase induction motor using micro controller
  8. To study the dc braking of three phase induction motor using MATLAB SIMULINK.
  9. To perform the speed control test on slip ring induction motor by rotor resistance control method USING VIRTUAL LAB
  10. To perform speed control of DC motor by using Ward- Leonard Method of speed control USING VIRTUAL LAB.