Lab Room No- B-004

Lab In charge- Dr. Bharat Singh

Lab Attendant – Mr. Anuj

Subjects-   Electrical Machines−I Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-253) & Electrical Machines−II Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-252), EM-I LAB (EEC-257) as per new scheme


About Lab:

Electrical Machines Laboratory is intended for students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation &Control Engineering branches, for conducting various experiments in electrical machines. Electrical machines laboratory is equipped with over 20 experimental setups with several machines which includes DC Machines, Transformers, Alternators, Induction Machines, and Synchronous Motor etc. The lab facilities are enough to perform experiments as per the syllabus and beyond the syllabus. The lab gives the students sufficient practical data and industrial applications of electrical machines. The machine lab is equipped with all kinds of AC and DC machines and transformers required for undergraduate lab session and research activities in the field. Electrical Machines−I (Paper Code: ETEE-253Electrical Machines−II Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-252) are being conducted in this lab.

Hardware Details: DC shunt Generator (1.5kW) coupled with DC motor, DC Shunt Motor (5HP), DC series generator, DC compound generator, 8 single-Phase Transformer (1KVA), 3-Point starter,3-phase squirrel cage induction motor(2HP), 3-phase slip ring induction motor(2HP/3HP), 1-phase Induction Motor(1HP), Synchronous Motor (5HP), Alternator, Direct online starter, Synchronising panel for parallel operation of Alternator (3KVA), 2 Computer (I5 processor, 2.7Ghz, 8 GB RAM)

Software Detail: MATLAB

List of Experiment for EM-I LAB (EEC-257) as per new scheme

  1. To study the construction and operation of various types of starters available in the laboratory for starting DC motors.
  2. To study the magnetization characteristics of a separately excited D.C generator at different speeds and to find the critical field resistance at those speeds
  3. To control the speed of a DC shunt motor by using: –
    (a) Field control.
    (b) Armature /Rheostatic control.
    (c) Supply voltage control.
  4. To conduct load test on DC shunt generator and obtain its internal and external characteristics.
  5. To perform O.C./S.C. tests on a single phase transformer and determine equivalent circuit parameters.
  6. To perform load test on a single-phase transformer and determine the following:-
    (a) Voltage ratio of transformer.
    (b) Efficiency at different loads.
    (c) Voltage regulation of the transformer.
  7. To perform Polarity test on two single-phase transformers, connect them in parallel and study the load sharing between them.
  8. To perform Polarity test on two single-phase transformers, connect them in parallel and study the load sharing between them.
  9. To study cut section of a 1- ϕ transformer.
  10. To study cut section of a DC Machine.

List of Experiments for EM-II LAB (ETEE-252):

  1. To perform NO LOAD and BLOCK ROTOR test on 3 phase slip-ring induction motor
  2. To draw speed torque characteristics of 3-phase induction motor.
  3. To study the effect of rotor resistance variation on 3-phase slip ring induction motor
  4. To draw V-curve of synchronous motor at no load half load and full load condition.
  5. To conduct no-load and block rotor test on single phase induction motor.
  6. To study the effect of capacitor on the starting and running of single-phase induction motor.
  7. To find out voltage regulation of AC generator on unity power factor load.
  8. perform open circuit and short circuit test on AC generator.
  9. To perform parallel operation on three phase alternators.
  10. To perform Load test on Three phase Synchronous Generator using VIRTUAL LAB.