Lab Room No- B-004

Lab In charge- Dr. Bharat Singh

Lab Attendant – Mr. Deepchand

Subjects-   Electrical Machines−I Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-253) & Electrical Machines−II Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-252)

About  Lab:

Electrical Machines Laboratory is intended for students of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation &Control Engineering branches, for conducting various experiments in electrical machines. Electrical machines laboratory is equipped with over 20 experimental setup with several machines which includes DC Machines, Transformers, Alternators, Induction Machines, and Synchronous Motor etc. The lab facilities are enough to perform experiments as per the syllabus and beyond the syllabus. The lab gives the students sufficient practical data and industrial applications of electrical machines. The machine lab is equipped with all kinds of AC and DC machines and transformers required for undergraduate lab session and research activities in the field. Electrical Machines−I (Paper Code: ETEE-253Electrical Machines−II Lab (Paper Code: ETEE-252) are being conducted in this lab.