Lab Room No: A-303

Lab In charge: Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Lab Attendant: Mrs. Prem

Lab Subject: MPMC Lab

About Lab:

Microprocessor lab helps the students enhance their knowledge about various processors such as 8085,8086, microcontrollers and also the interfacing of these processors with other equipment. The features and facilities available in this lab help the students do their projects and enhance their analyzing and programming capability. 

Hardware Details: Microprocessor Kit 8086 (Advanced Version)- 16, Interfacing Modules (8255, 8253, Stepper Module) 2 computers (I-5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500GB Hard Disk)

List of Experiment: 

  1. Write a program to add and subtract two 16-bit numbers with/ without carry using 8086.
  2. Write a program to multiply two 8-bit numbers by repetitive addition method using 8086.
  3. Write a Program to generate Fibonacci series.
  4. Write a Program to generate Factorial of a number.
  5. Write a Program to read 16 bit Data from a port and display the same in another port.
  6. Write a Program to generate a square wave using 8254.
  7. Write a Program to generate a square wave of 10 kHz using Timer 1 in mode 1(using 8051).
  8. Write a Program to transfer data from external ROM to internal (using 8051).
  9. Design a Minor project using 8086 Microprocessor (Ex: Traffic light controller/temperature controller etc)
  10. Design a Minor project using 8051 Micro controller