Lab Room No: A-303

Lab In charge: Dr. Sandeep Banerjee

Lab Assistant: Mr. Prem Singh

Lab Subjects (Subject Code): (a) Power Electronics (ETEE 353)

About The Lab: 

Power Electronics Laboratory deals with the practical implementation of the theoretical aspects perused during the lectures. The whole polishing of the theoretical concepts is done via experimentation. The laboratory consists of kits related to rectifiers, choppers, AC voltage controllers, cyclo-converters and inverters. Individual components are also made available for enhanced understanding of the conceptual nuisances.


Hardware Details: SCR &TRAIC, MOSFET, UJT, Single phase HWR, Single phase fully controlled, AC phase control, Cycloconverter, Buck and Boost converter, TYPE-C Chopper and SPWM Inverter kit, 2 computers (I-5 processor, 4/8 GB RAM,)

Sofware Detail: MATLAB

List of experiments:

  1. To study and analyze V-I characteristics of SCR and TRIAC. 
  2. To study the switching characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT 
  3. To study R and RC and UJT based firing circuits using SCR. 
  4. To study single phase Semi-converter and Full converters feeding R and RL load 
  5. To study A.C phase control using SCR (half and full wave) using DIAC and TRIAC for dimmer application. 
  6. To study single-phase cyclo- converter feeding R and RL loads. 
  7. To study the operation and duty cycle control of Type-C chopper. 
  8. To study the operation of single-phase full bridge Voltage Source Inverter using MATLAB Simulink.