Project lab has been setup in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to promote research and development activities in the field of Solar energy and Wind Energy Systems. The Solar Setup consists of PV and MPPT Controller of 100 watts. The solar energy conversion system is controlled via an FPGA based Processor. The FPGA processor is rated at 20Mhz, 40 GPIO’s, 24 PWM, 3.3 V, 12bit, 2 Ch ADC, with Built-in JTAG USB Programmer (user Program Downloading). It is also provided with necessary Switches, LEDs, and Connectors. A Snubber Capacitor, over current & Overload Protection is also provided with the setup. Hall Effect Current Sensors & Voltage Sensors are also provided with a single resistive load. Using the Solar Setup, the researchers will be in a position to perform experiments and view the system response by changing the duty cycle, changing the load and by varying the input power. A doubly fed induction generator of 1 hp rating has been coupled with a 1 KW DC motor to emulate a wind energy conversion system. Using the Wind setup, the students can observe the variation of output voltage with change in wind speed.