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1 N. E. Cho, Sushil Kumar, V. Kumar and V. Ravichandran


Differential Subordination and Radius Estimates for starlike functions associated with Booth lemniscate Turkish J. Math 42 1380–1399 1300-0098 (SCIE)
2 Sushil Kumar, 

V. Ravichandran


Subordinations for Functions with Positive Real Part Complex Anal. Oper. Theory 12( 4)


1179-1191  1661-8254 (SCI)
3 N. E. Cho, Sushil Kumar, V. Kumar and V. Ravichandran Convolution and Radius problems of analytic functions associated with the Tilted Carathéodory functions Mathematical Communications 24 165-179 1331-0623 (Print), 1848-8013 (Online)
4 N. E. Cho,  Sushil Kumar, V. Kumar, V. Ravichandran and H. M. Srivastava Starlike functions related to the Bell numbers Symmetry 11 1-17 2073-8994
5  S. Gandhi, Sushil Kumar and V. Ravichandran  First Order Differential Subordinations for Caratheodory Functions Kyungpook Math. J.   58  257-270.  1225-6951


6  Om P. Ahuja, Sushil Kumar  and V. Ravichandran  Applications of  First Order Differential Subordination for Functions with Positive Real Part  Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Mathematica   63(3)  303-311 2065-961x


7  Amit Sharma  Proton transfer from Imidazole to Chloranil studied by FTIR Spectroscopy  AIP conference Proceeding  1953  140034  0094-243X
8  Amit Sharma  FTIR study of RhodamineB in some solvents  AIP conference Proceeding  1953  140035  0094-243X
9 Anuradha Gupta and Ankit Kumar Common spectral properties of linear operators A and B satisfying AkBkAk=Ak+1 and BkAkBk=Bk+1  Asian European Journal of Mathematics   12 (5)  1950084, 18 pp.  (print): 1793-5571 (online): 1793-7183
10  Trisandhya et al.  Dealing sensitive characters on successive occasions through a general class of estimators using scrambled response techniques  Metron  76(2)  203–230  eISSN: 2281-695X

Print ISSN:0026-1424

11 S. Mohapatra, S. Agrawal et al Rural electrification using hybrid solar and biogas system in Phulwaria village , Bihar: A Case Study Advances in Energy and Built Environment, LNCE, Springer Nature 36 99-109 978-981-13-7557-6
12 Sumit Chawla et al Integrated Topsis- moora Model for Prioritization  of New Bike Selection Advances in Engineering design, LNME, Springer Nature 70 755-765 978-981-13-6469-3
13 Trisandhya et al. Analysis of exponential product type estimators with embedded imputation techniques on successive occasions International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 19/1 19-40 0973-8347
14 Ashish Kumar Singh et. al. Eco-friendly disposal of expired anti-tuberculosis drug isoniazid and its role in the protection of metal Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7(2) 102971 2213-3437
15 Ashish Kumar Singh et. al. Solvent-freemicrowave assisted synthesis and corrosion inhibition study of a series of hydrazones derived from thiophene derivatives:
Experimental, surface and theoretical study
Journal of Molecular Liquids 283 788-803 0167-7322
16 Ashish Kumar Singh et. al. Experimental, theoretical, and surface study for corrosion inhibition of mild steel in 1 M HCl by using synthetic anti-biotic derivatives Ionics 25 5057-5075 10.1007/s11581-019-03028-y



17 S. Mohapatra Biomass Power-Green Energy Commitment in India Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences 8(3) 97-101 2348-9545
18 Pragati Sharma Stochastic Modelling of Ambient Air Quality” VDM Verlag Dr Muller, Germany 978-3-639-23095-6
19 Pragati Sharma Air Quality Modelling an effective tool for managing urban air pollution  Bookwell Publisher
20 Ruchi Sehgal Linguistic Analysis of Hindi: A study of Learners of Hindi as a Foreign Language Osbert Publication House 2 978-938-52-1219-2
21 Ruchi Sehgal Are Nouns and verbs stored in different parts of the brain?  Osbert Publication House 2 978-938-52-1220-8
22 Nitu Sehrawat  Remediation of Methyl Red by using Immobolized Yeast Biosorbent: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies  Annals of Agri Bio Research   24(1) 11-19  0971-9660
23  Charu Arora, V Kumar



 Dynamical behavior of a stage structured prey–predator model with two delays and Monod–Haldane functional response


 International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics


 4 (1)







24  Charu Arora, V Kumar






 Dynamics of one-prey and two-predator system highlighting the significance of additional food for predators with Beddington–DeAngelis functional response


Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems