Workshop Incharge: Mr. Lalit Batra

Workshop Assistant: Mr. Devender

Workshop is the one of the oldest and largest division of Applied Science department. It has the machineries and facilities to cater the needs of undergraduate students. In BVP, we have a modern workshop facility which supports the teaching and research activities of the institute. The workshop has a dedicated staff of two lab assistants and two workshop technicians. The primary function of this area is the manufacture of engineering components by student/staff.
The workshop supports teaching activities in the college by providing demonstrations of machining and other manufacturing processes and by manufacturing equipment used in teaching and research laboratories. Workshop staff assist the undergraduate students with all aspects of their designs, including material selection, design optimisation etc.

The workshop consists of the following laboratories: 

1) Carpentry shop

2) Fitting shop

 3) Foundry shop

 4) Welding shop

 5) Smithy and Sheet metal shop

Available Machinery and Equipments:

  1. Shearing and Bending machine
  2. Drilling machine
  3. Metal cutting machine
  4. Furnace Grinding machine
  5. Fly press
  6. A.C. welding machine
  7. Oxyacetylene gas cylinders