The focus of the Analog Electronics-1 Laboratory at Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of engineering, New Delhi campus is the development and use for scientific studies of Analog Circuits like BJT amplifiers, voltage regulators, Transistor Characteristics of different configurations, and Rectifiers. The major areas of research involve design, development and simulation of analog circuits with electronic components such as diodes, transistors , FET etc.


Objective of the Laboratory

  • To understand the basic concepts of electronic component like Diodes, Transistors.
  • To demonstrate the analog circuits with input and output characteristics response for DC Analysis and frequency response for AC Analysis.
  • To provide the state-of-art software’s for the design and development of various analog circuits and implement them on bread board for the demonstration purpose.


 Courses to cater.

  • ECC-257 Analog Electronics-1 Lab




Measurement Facilities: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Dual Power Supply, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Multimeter, Computer System, IC tester



People associated with Lab

  • Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Shweta Gupta
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. Kirti Gupta, Dr. Shweta Kumari, Ms. Mihika, Ms. Shikha
  • Lab Technician: Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla