S. No Faculty Involved Course Code Course Name Name & Description of the Innovative Approach
1 Prof.(Dr.) Kirti Gupta ETEC-203 Analog Electronics – I (Concept Mapping)                            Some topics are outlined and given to students from each chapter/unit and are asked to present the topic. Discussion and cross questioning is also done.
Impact: Students are able to understand that topic in depth.
2 Dr. Deepak Gangwar ETEC-314 Antenna and Wave Propagation Video Lecture Demonstration
Description:- in this course,

1- some video lectures and pictures in the real time applications are discussed in the class to understand in depth knowledge of the concept.                                   

2- Some Research paper is discussed to understand the Future trends and applications of the antenna

3 Dr Manoj Sharma ETEC-309 Digital System Design Tools demonstration and video lectures
Description: – in this course,      1- VHDL code IP for a complex circuit is discussed and updated with CAD tool analysis.  Some video lectures related to the work are shared and discussed to understand in depth knowledge of the concept.                               

2- Related Research paper is discussed during this to have the knowledge and understanding of new trends

4 Dr Manoj Sharma ETEC-308 VLSI Design Video lectures
Description :- In this course Video lectures for layout creations shared and discussed with students. Layouts of digital components are generated and simulated.
5 Dr. Yugnanda ETEC 304 Optoelectonics and Optical Communication DISCRIPTION : Demonstration by Simulation , The concepts of multiplexing was showcased by designing WDM systems in software.
6 Dr. Monica Gupta ETEC-309 DIGITAL SYSTEM DESIGN Let’s revise it together approach: – In this approach, we ask simple MCQ questions based on the topic covered in the current lecture and all the students are encouraged to answer them together. This way students don’t have the fear of being judged and they enthusiastically answer them all in unison.
7 Mr. Abhishek Gagneja ETEC-303 Digital Communication Demonstration by Simulation: All concepts of Digital Communication Syllabus are demonstrated with MATLAB simulations. This helps the students in relating the theoretical concepts with practical utility and visualizations.