The objective of this laboratory is to enable the students to strengthen their understanding of the design and analysis of principles of control systems through practical exercises. This is accomplished by using modern hardware and software sources (MATLAB). A thorough understanding of the elementary principles of this all-embracing technology is of great relevance for all engineers and scientists. This laboratory course gives hands-on experience to the feedback (with and without) control concepts covered in the theory course.

Objective of the Laboratory

  • Characterize closed-loop stability in a feedback control system model.
  • Characterize performance objectives for transient and steady-state improvement.
  • Characterize the disturbance rejection problem in feedback control systems.
  • Determine the sensitivity of the closed-loop system to parameter variations.


  • Computer System – 19 PCs
  • Printer – 1(HP Laser Jet P1108)
  • Software – MATLAB
  • Hardware – SCEINTECH Trainer kits SCL-102, SCL-103, SCL-105, SCL-106, SCL-107, and SCL-109
  • DSOs, Multimeters, and Connecting wires. 


  • Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Jitender Kumar
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. Avinash and Ms Annu Dabas
  • Lab Technician: Mr. Vardan Bhardwaj