Digital Communication Lab (DC Lab) deals with the implementation and simulation-based demonstration of the signal digitization of the analog signals, their modulation using various band-pass techniques, their respective demodulation and their reconstruction into analog form. We further extend this practical knowledge with an end-to-end design problem at the end of the semester to emphasize the understanding of an end-to-end pipeline from data source (analog input) to user (analog output).

 Objective of the Laboratory

The objective of the laboratory is to enable the students-

  • To learn via simulation the mathematical approach of implementation of the concepts studied in the subject theory.
  • To introduce the students to MATLAB as a DC algorithm implementation tool and demonstrate the power of the system with the inbuilt function usage and hands-on algorithm development
  • To critically analyse the limitations of the simulation platforms and understand the gaps between the theory, the simulation and the practical
  • To demonstrate the modelling steps of all digital communication systems using trainer kits


  • Software – MATLAB
  • Hardware – SCEINTECH Trainer kits ST2151, ST2152, ST2153, ST2154, ST2155, ST2156, ST2157 and ST2113


  • Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Abhishek Gagneja
  • Other Faculty Users: Mr. Sourabh Rana, Ms Mihika
  • Lab Technician: Ms. Deepa Bhatia