Objective of Lab:

  • To give hands on experience in 8086 assembly language programming.
  • To give hands on experience in peripheral interfacing with 8085, 8086.
  • To introduce 8051 microcontroller programming.
  • To enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies.

About Lab:

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers laboratory course helps the students to develop their knowledge on processor architecture and the programming skills. The aim of the lab is to provide hands-on training to interface I/O devices, perform A/D and D/A conversions, design traffic light etc. The skills acquired through the experiments help the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies. This laboratory provides facilities for the use of 8/16 bit microprocessors/microcontrollers and their interfacing for different applications, using hardware and software concepts to meet industry standards.


  • Simulation tools: Kiel software 
  • Computer Systems: 10 machines 
  • Hardware: 8085 trainer kit,8086 trainer kit, Microcontroller (8051) Trainer kit and Printer


  • Faculty In-charge: Ms. Neera Agarwal 
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. Surjeet, Dr. Saji M Antony
  • Lab Technician: Mr. Amit Goel