Microwave Engineering LAB

ECE Department


The purpose of Microwave Engineering Lab is to gain a basic understanding of typical microwave components & measurement techniques as well as improved insight into the behavior of microwave systems based on Wave guides,Microstrip lines and antennas at Microwave Frequencies. Microwave lab is fully equipped with latest microwave benches, Microwave Power meter and Advance microwave trainer kit. Advanced Microwave trainer kits includes C-Band source, Microstrip antennas with different feeding techniques, Microwave filters, Power dividers and Branch line couplers.

Experiments are prepared as par list provided by IP University. It include waveguide experiments, Microstrip antennas based experiments and simulation modeling using IE3D EM wave simulator, which are used by  students  for carrying out their Mini, Minor and Major project.

Lab Facility with Innovative Hardware Components

Microwave bench with 7 Sets

Microwave Power Meter

Advanced Microstrip Trainer Kits, made with Technical Support of IIT Delhi

Software Facility

High Frequency EM Simulator: IE3D Software ,Used to design Microstrip lines , Microstrip



Antenna, Filters and Microwave Circuits