Mobile Computing LAB

ECE Department


The Mobile Computing Laboratory is used by our final year undergraduate students. It falls  under the title of Practicals Based on elective subject. The practicals are designed to make the students understand the concepts of both the Wireless communication networks as well as Mobile Computing. This Laboratory provides students an opportunity to design and analyse Mobile AdHoc networks in various scenarios using Qualnet V 5.0 software. This Qualnet software provides a comprehensive environment for designing protocols, creating and animating networks to improve their design, operation and management scenarios, and analysing their performance. It is a suite of tools for modelling large wired and wireless networks. Students have the opportunity to design Wireless Sensor Networks using the SENSEnuts IoT platform used for wireless sensor network research, development and implementation. The practicals designed on NMIT 4.1 Nokia Internet Toolkit introduces the Wireless Markup Language to students. This tool enables the student to create webpages for wireless devices with small screens. The experiments designed in this Laboratory cover the understanding of basic concepts of Wireless communication and Mobile computing areas.


Objective of the Laboratory

  • To understand the basic concepts of Wireless Communication networks and Mobile Computing.
  • To design and analyze Mobile AdHoc networks and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • To guide students to create web pages for mobile devices using the wireless markup language.
  • To provide the state-of-art simulation software and hardware for the design of wireless sensor networks and wireless communication networks and study the performance of these networks in various scenarios.

Courses to cater

 ETEC-454: Practicals Based on Electives (Mobile Computing) Lab



 Simulation Facilities:  QualNet version 5.0(Licensed version),

NMIT (Nokia Mobile Internet ToolKit) (open source)

Hardware: SENSEnuts an IoT platform.


  • Faculty Coordinator:  Dr Jolly Parikh
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. Gopal
  • Lab Technician:  Mr Manoj