Mrs. Monica Gupta 
Assistant Professor 
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering  


Office Phone: (011) 25258637, 25278443 Extn.: 303


  • Pursuing PH.D(ECE) from DTU.
  • Masters of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from DTU
  • B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication from GGSIPU

Area of Specialization: 

  • Low power memory design

Work Experience: 

  • Teaching: 14 years

Subjects Taught: 

  • Digital circuits and system design
  • Analog Electronics
  • Switching theory and logic design 
  • Electronic devices and circuits

Papers Published :

SCI : 02

ESCI : 01

International conference: 01

List of publications:

International Journals:

  • Gupta M, Gupta K, Pandey N, “ A Data‐Independent 9T SRAM Cell with Enhanced ION/IOFF Ratio and RBL Voltage Swing in Near Threshold and Sub‐Threshold Region”, Int J Circ Theor Appl., 49, 953-969, 2021. (SCI Journal with Impact Factor: 1.581)
  • Gupta M, Gupta K, Pandey N, “ Comparative Analysis of the Design Techniques for Low Leakage SRAMs at 32 nm”, Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems, Elsevier, 85, 1-19,2021. (SCI Journal with Impact Factor: 1.161)
  • Gupta M, Gupta K, Pandey N, “A Design of Low Leakage Cache Memory Cell for High Performance Processors”, Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences, 40(2), Taylor and Francis, 279-290, 2019.
  • Gupta M et. el.,“Design and Implementation of the Robust Watermarking Technique for the Raw Digital Video based on CDMA” published in International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR), Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2016.

International Conferences:

  • Gupta M, Gupta K, Pandey N, “A 32-nm Sub-Threshold 9T SRAM Bitcell with Improved Read and Write performance”, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication Control and Networking (ICACCCN), IEEE, 781-787, 2018.

Professional recognition:

  • Received Microsoft in Education certificate in recognition of membership in the Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator program completed on May 29,2020.

Other Activities:

  • Department representative of Alumni cell of the college since 2007.

Workshops/guest lectures/In-house trainings organized at BVCOE:

  • Member of core organizing team of Alumnizoid 1.0 conducted in ECE department for 3rd year students from April, 2021-July, 2021.
  • Organized a webinar on topic “ Two-port networks”  by Dr. Anurag Mangla (Semtech) for 3rd year students on December 01,2020.
  • Organized a guest lecture on “Pre-placements” by Ms Medha Sharma (EnY) for 3rd year students in 2018.
  • Conducted Summer training on “PCB DESIGNING AND ASSEMBLY” for a batch of 100 students in the college premises.

Workshops/guest lectures/In-house trainings attended:

  • Attended Short Term Training Program on “Emerging Nanoscale Devices, Circuits and Its Applications (NANODC-21)” organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India from 10-14 May, 2021.
  • Attended webinar on “Assessment and Accreditation Process for Institutions of Higher Education” organized by Department of Computer Science, Government College Narnaul, Haryana, INDIA on June 30,2020.
  • Attended three Days FDP Program on “Communication Skills & Human Values in Holistic Development” conducted by K.C. college of Engg, Thane from 25 June 2020 to 27 June 2020.
  • Completed a module “Structuring your article correctly” conducted by Research academy in collaboration with Elsevier on Tuesday 23 June, 2020.
  • Attended webinar on “ASIC Author Workshop Research Article Writing & Reference Management Using Mendeley” organized by the Faculty of Science, Annamalai University in collaboration with ELSEVIER on June 22,2020.
  • Attended 4 Days of FDP Program on “ICT/LMS Tools for Teaching & Learning” conducted by K.C. college of Engg, Thane from 16th June 2020 to 19th June 2020.
  • Attended webinar on “Webinar on Research in Digital Age – Problems and Opportunities” conducted by BVICAM on June 12,2020.