The Optical and Wireless Communication Laboratory is used by our under graduate students to perform practical pertaining to the study of the topics studied in the Optoelectronics and Optical Communication Theory Course. This lab provides the students with an enriching hands-on experience with concepts and in-depth knowledge of Fiber Optical domain. The laboratory is equipped with state -of -art Fiber Optic Trainer Kits And Hard ware Modules. The hardware kits are developed by Benchmark (P) Ltd as a joined venture with IIT Madras. The simulation-based experiments are performed using the powerful optical simulator by RSOFT/Synopsys: OPTSIM. With state-of-art simulation platform, user friendly GUI, easy help manual, OPTSIM has unmatched accuracy and usability. The student performs experiments to study the digital optical link, understand the working of components of an Optical Communication System, characteristics of Optical Sources (LED & LD) , Optical Detectors (LD & APD)  and Optical Fibers (SM & MM), concepts of Optical Multiplexing and characteristics of types of fibres SMF, DSF, DCF etc.

Objective of the Laboratory

  • To understand the basic concepts of Optical and Wireless Communication
  • To demonstrate the basic optical link design and understand the various components of optical communication system.
  • To train students so that can relate theory with elements of design and applications.
  • To provide the state-of-art simulation software and hardware for the design of optical communication system and understand the fiber characteristics.
  • To understand the concepts of Optical Multiplexing.


  1. Simulation Facilities: OPTSIM v 5.2 from RSOFT/SYNOPSYS
  2. Hardware Trainer Kits: 5 Kits by Benchmark Electronics System(P) Ltd.


  • Faculty In charge:  Ms. Monica Bhutani
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. Deepak, Dr. Yugnanda Malhotra, Mr. Sourabh Rana, Dr. Ruchi Sharma
  • Lab Technician:  Mr. Aniket