Project laboratory has been set up in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering to promote innovation/research and development activities in the core and interdisciplinary domains. The lab is utilized by the students for their project work, and preparing for competitions such as E-yantra robotic project competition, Hackathon, Ideathon, Confluence etc.

Objective of the Laboratory:

  • To provide state-of-the-art facilities such as GPU system and latest CPU systems.
  • To provide easy access to licensed and open-source tools to the students.
  • To foster a strong work ethic among students. 
  • To unleash the creative potential of the students by motivating them to take part in state level competitions.
  • To enhance their understanding of classroom teaching.
  • To prepare our students according to the current requirements of the Industry.


  • Computer system : 16 PCs, GPU system
  • Simulation Facilities: MATLAB 2016 b (Licensed), P-Spice (Open source), Virtual Lab (Open source), Keil (Open source), Mentor Graphics HEP1 and HEP2 (Licensed), Xilinx ISE (Freeware), Python (Open Source), Symica (Open source), GNU Sim8085.
  • Hardware Facilities: FPGA board (SPARTAN-III, ZYBO Board, ZED Board), Digital Storage Oscilloscope,  Dual Power Supply, Function Generator, Multimeter


  • Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Monica Gupta
  • Other Faculty Users: All the faculties of ECE Dept.
  • Lab Technician: Mr. Aniket