Dr. Ruchi Sharma
Assistant Professor
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering

Email: ruchi.sharma@bharatividyapeeth.edu

Educational Qualification

  •   Ph.D.
  • M.Tech,
  • B.Tech

Area of Specialization: Soft Computing, Machine learning & Biomedical signal processing.

Areas of Interest: Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic.


  1. Published a paper entitled “Design and Applications of FPGA Based Fuzzy Logic” in an AICTE Sponsored National    Conference on “Emerging Trends in Electronics & Comm. In collaboration with IJCA at BRCM Coll. Of Engg. & Technology in Oct,2013
  2. Published a paper entitled “Design an Energy Efficient Small Scale Integrated Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Water Distillation using Fuzzy logic Controller” in the JMAT Journal -BVCOE.
  3. Published a paper entitled “Performance of an evaporative cooling in an enclosur4e over the roof-top of an air conditioned building with a microcontroller based Controller” in the jouranal of multidisciplinary engineering technologies Vol.7,No.1 Jan,2013
  4. Published a paper entitled “An Adhoc Sensor network for controlling room air temperature in a large auditorium building” in the International Journal IJRCCT,Sep.2012.
  5. Published a paper entitled “Mechatronics Approaches to FPGA” in the International Journal IJSER. Published a paper entitled “To manage the operation of Undersea Communication Network with geographic Information system and to monitor the undersea environment with the instrumentation system” in the International Journal of IJCT.
  6. Published a paper entitled “Dispersion Compensating fiber in comparison with Cost Effective Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating for Long Haul Transmission in the International Conference held at PDMCE in collaboration with IEEE.
  7. Published a paper entitled “ An empirical study of 4G mobile Communication system capabilities with key challenges in migration in the International Conference held at PDMCE in collaboration with IEEE.
  8. Published a paper entitled “Design issue and management environment of mobile adhoc networks(MANETs) in the National Conference at MAIT,U.P in SEP.2011
  9. Published a paper entitled “Security threats and Protecting mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) in the Journal at IJRCCT.