Satellite and Antenna LAB

ECE Department


 Satellite Communication provides true global coverage with ignoring the world boundaries. The area where the consumers are sparsely located at a vast area on earth is the one area where Satellite is the only option besides providing broadcasting, monitoring, position location and mobile services to ground, maritime and users in air. Satellite Communication Practical Workbook covers the lab sessions which are knowledgeable and beneficial in grasping the subject knowledge. These sessions will solidify theoretical concepts discussed in theory classes


Objective of the Laboratory

  • To understand the basic concepts of Satellite Communication
  • To demonstrate the art of uplink and downlink designing to understand the creation of a link to send different types of data to satellite.
  • To demonstrate telemetric communication so as to provide proper idea behind controlling various sensors and position of satellite.

Courses to cater

  • ETEC 452 Satellite and antenna Lab


  • Scientech Antenna Trainer kit
  • Scientech Satellite trainer kit
  • Basic Simulation Software for Radiation patterns


  • Faculty Coordinator: Sourabh Rana
  • Other Faculty Users: Dr. S B kumar
  • Lab Technician: Mr. Rajiv Shukla