S.No Author(s) Complete Title of the Article or Chapter in Book, Title of the Journal/ Book, Volume &Issue Number, Page Numbers/Number of Pages in the Book, Month & Yea, of Publication DOI/ ISSN No.  Indexing If SCI, mention Impact Factor
1 Ashutosh Dubey, Chirag Keshri, Divya Arora, Poornima Suryvanshi, Monica Bhutani Optimization of Traffic Lights Using OpenCV,Research and Applications emerging technology,Vol 5, issue 1,PP 1-10,18 Jan 2023 https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7546260 NON-SCI
2 Anil Kumar Bhardwaj, Amit Kant Pandit, Arvind Rehalia, Vikram Singh and Ruchi Sharma A review on nanomaterials for drug delivery systems and application of carbon based nanomaterials,ES Material and manufacturing,VOL 21 2023,2/26/2023 10.30919/esmm5f824 NON-SCI
3 Chauhan A, Chopra D, Tayal L, Singal U, Gupta K, Gupta M Design of an Efficient Memristor-based Dynamic Exclusive-OR gate,International journal of computer and communication technology,vol 8,issue 3 (2022),10/1/2022 DOI: 10.47893/IJCCT.2022.1428 NON-SCI
4 Aditi Sharma,Sanskar Singhal,Akshit Mehta,B N Reddy,Gaurav Mitra Detection of Earthquake and Tsunami Through GSM Network,Journal of emerging technology and innovative research,vol 10,issue 5,5/1/2023 NON-SCI
5 Harsh Jain, Kartik Kumar, Parth Khandelwal, Raghav Agarwal, Mihika Mahendra Design of Low-Power High-Performance Operational Transconductance Amplifier,Journal of emerging technology and innovative research,vol 10,issue 6,6/1/2023 NON-SCI
6 Aahn Deshpande, Shubham Kumar, Kalash Butola, Harshit Pandey, Jyoti Gupta Automated Eye Diseases Recognition Web-Application Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Advancement in image processing and pattern recognition,Vol 6,issue 2,4/19/2023 https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7845022 NON-SCI
7 S.B Kumar,Prakhar Priyadarshini,Abhishek Gandhar A stack circularised microstrip antenna with semi circle slot for ISM(industrial,scientific,and medical) Band,Environmental economics,vol 122,issue 3,6/11/2023 NON-SCI
8 Achyut Krishna, Parag Kumar, Yash Varshney, Piyush Anand and Saji M Antony Li-Fi Based Short Range Text Messenger, Journal of Optoelectronics and Communication, vol. 5, Issue 2 .July 2023,Journal of optoelectronics and communications,vol 5,issue 2,7/31/2023 https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8198606 NON-SCI
9 Kalpna Choudhary, Shweta kumari, Maneesha Gupta. Low voltage high transconductance voltage differencing transconductance amplifier and its application in Biquad Order filter,Thirteen International Joint Conference on Advance in Engineering and technology, AET 2022, , 28 Dec2022. ISSN (Online): 2395-5295
ISSN (Print): 2395-5287
10 Arvin Kumar, Shweta Kumari, Maneesha Gupta Harish parthasarathy. A class AB Current Controlled Second Generation Voltage Conveyor Using self Cascode Current Mirror, Thirteen International Joint Conference on Advance in Engineering and technology, AET 2022,  28 Dec2022 ISSN (Online): 2395-5295
ISSN (Print): 2395-5287
11 Ashutosh Singh, Shweta Kumari, Maneesha Gupta. Design and Analysis of High Bandwidth RGC Transimpedance Amplifier Using Differential Tunable Active Inductor, Thirteen International Joint Conference on Advance in Engineering and technology, AET 2022, 28 Dec2022 ISSN (Online): 2395-5295
ISSN (Print): 2395-5287
12 Gaurav Mitra,Vangmayee Sharda,Ruchi Sharma Carbon Nanotubes as Interconnects: A Short Review on Modelling and Optimization, 3rd Intl Conference on Information Technology InCITe 2023,2-3 Mar 2023 NON-SCI
13 Rahul Goyal, Akshat Sharma, Arohi Jain, Ojas, Monica Bhutani Adaptive Density-Based Traffic Management System utilizing Ultrasonic Units and RODEM Algorithm,  International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN),23-24 march 2023 10.1109/SPIN57001.2023 NON-SCI
14 M. Gupta, Manisha, R. Jha, R. Kumari and A. K. Singh PVT-variation based Comparative Analysis of Write Driver Designs for SRAM at 32 nm,ICEEICT, Trichirappalli, India, IEEE, 2023,ICEEICT, Trichirappalli, India, IEEE, 2023, pp. 1-6 doi: 10.1109/ICEEICT56924.2023.10157756 NON-SCI
15 Annu Dabas, Shweta Kumari, Maneesha Gupta, Richa Yadav Design and Analysis of Class AB RFC OTA with Improved Performance,” pp. 582-586, 8th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC), Noida, India, pp. 582-586,12/1/2022 https://doi.org/10.1109/ICSC56524.2022.10009382 NON-SCI

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