Dr. Prakhar Priyadarshi

Associate Professor   & Head

E-mail: priyadarshi.prakhar@bharatividyapeeth.edu


 Academic Qualification: 

  • Ph. D. (Information Technology), Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
  • M. Tech. (Information Technology), University School of Information Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi
  • B.E.(Electronics Engineering), T.K.I.E.T., Warnanagar, Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Areas of Interests:  Signal Processing in Communication System, Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing 

Experience:  Teaching experience – 20 years

Course Taught:

Analog and Digital communication, Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Mobile Computing, Computer Network

Papers published (7):


  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai “Rprop and improved Rprop+ based constant modulus type (RCMT) blind channel equalization algorithm for QAM signalJournal of Information and Optimization Sciences, 40:2, 2019 pp 351-366,Taylor and Francis Publication, 
  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,“Rprop Based Noble Blind channel Equalization Algorithm for QAM signal” Journal of Mech. Of Continua and Mathematical Science, Vol. No. 13 No. 3 ( July –Aug) 2018  ,pp 103-116, 
  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,“Logarithmic Cost Based Improved Constant Modulus (LCICM) Type Blind Channel Equalization Algorithm For M-QAM/M-PSK Signal”  Int. J. Digital Signals and Smart SystemsVol. 2, No. 3, 2018 ,pp 202-214, Inderscienc Publication, 


  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,“Modified constant modulus type (MCMT) algorithm for blind channel equalization” IEEE International Conference on Wireless Communications, Signal Processing and Networking (WiSPNET), March 2017
  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,Blind channel equalization using modified constant modulus algorithm” IEEE International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation (ICCCA),April 2016  
  • Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,“Use of logarithmic cost function for blind channel equalization” IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP-2016) ,April2016,
  •  Prakhar Priyadarshi & C.S.Rai ,“Blind channel equalization For wireless communication using CMA” at RTAC 09, TSM, Madurai,2009

  FDP/Workshop Attended:-

  • Attended One Day work shop on “Energy Efficiency And sustainable Energy in Buildings” at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi on 02/02/2007 
  • Two week FDP on “Wireless & Mobile computing” at GGSIPU university From 22/12/2008-02/01/2009
  • Participated in National Seminar on “Entrepreneurship Development In Renewable Energy” at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi on 12/03/2012
  • One week FDP on “Matlab & Labview with its Hardware interface Through ICT” at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi From 29/01/2018-02/02/2018 Conducted by NITTR, Chandigarh
  • One week FDP on “Next Generation Wireless Technologies through ICT” at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi From 26/11/2018-30/11/2018 Conducted by NITTR, Chandigarh
  • Two week FDP on “Emerging Trends in Computer Science and IT” at BVICAM, New Delhi From 14/05/2018-26/05/2018
  • Attended One day Workshop on “Counselling Skill For Student Recruitment Professional-MDP for Head Admissions and Outreach” at India International Center, New Delhi on 20th  Dec.2019
  • One week FDP on “Science & Technology for Sustainable development through ICT” at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi From 04/02/2019-08/02/2019 Conducted by NITTR, Chandigarh.
  • Webinar on “NBA Process & Margdarshan Initiative” by AICTE on 7th May 2020.
  • Webinar on “Assessment and Accreditation process for Institution of Higher Education” on 30-June2020 organized by Department of Computer Science, Government College Narnaul, Haryana, INDIA
  • One Week FDP on “Outcome based Education (OBE) and NBA Accreditation Process” at BVICAM, New Delhi on 23rd  – 27th November, 2020 

Professional Referee Service:

  • CCNA Summer Training Program from AY-2010 to AY-2014 at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi
  • Organized “Six Day Technical Skill Enhancement work shop on SRAM Design (Spec. Finalization To Tapeout” From 05/10/2017-10/10/2017 at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi
  • Organized “Two Day Skill Enhancement work shop on Matlab for Digital Circuit and Analysis” From 25/07/2018-26/07/2018 at B.V.C.O.E., New Delhi. 
  • Mentor, Smart India Hackathon 2018 & Smart India Hackathon 2019.
  • Reviewer  to “International Conference on Computing, Communication, and Intelligent Systems”(ICCCIS-2021),  in  Sharda University, Greater Noida, India
  • Reviewer  to “International conference on Smart, Machine Intelligence and Real-Time Computing”(SMART COM 2020) in Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering & Technology ,Pauri Garhwal, India, June 2020