An industrial visit was organized by the Department of Information Technology for B. Tech (IT-2) 6th semester students on 27th February 2024 to provide students with practical exposure to the real-world industrial environment. The visit aimed to enhance students understanding of various industries, their operations, and the application of theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

The primary objectives of the industrial visit were as follows:

  1. To familiarize students with the functioning of an industrial setting.
  2. To observe the practical application of concepts learned in the classroom.
  3. To gain insights into the specific industry-related processes.
  4. To interact with professionals and employees of the organization to understand their roles and responsibilities.
  5. To foster a spirit of curiosity and inquiry among students.

Benefit in terms of learning/skill/knowledge obtained

  1. Insights into Digital India Vision.
  2. Government Technology Initiatives.
  3. Innovation and Emerging Technologies.
  4. Policy and Governance Understanding.

IT Department in association with Higher Study Cell , the objective to promote higher education awareness among the students and motivate them for pursuing higher education. Higher Studies is always seen as a stepping stone for bright career. The students should be capable of applying their knowledge and skills based on the forefront of science in the subject areas of their studies which will help them to satisfy employability needs of corporate and other sectors.

One can go for research work, implement their idea, research and bring innovations to the society.

The Department of Information Technology, BVCOE organized an industrial visit for 3rd year students at Vatsin Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 22 September, 2023 to provide students with practical exposure to the industrial environment.

GDSC BVCOE hosted an enlightening event on Introduction to Google Cloud on 10th October 2023. This session provided valuable insights into the fundamentals of cloud computing and its applications in today’s world. The cloud has become an integral part of modern technology, driving innovation and efficiency across various industries. Its continued evolution promises to shape the future of computing and digital services in unprecedented ways. This session was very informative for those who are aspiring to become cloud specialists.