The department strictly follows the Outcome based Learning Education System for both Teaching and Assessment. To achieve outcome-based teaching, faculty provide quality teaching using innovative methodology and techniques.

Course File for each subject is prepared and maintained by faculty members. The course file comprises of Syllabus, Lesson Plan, Course Objectives, Course Outcomes, CO-POs Mapping, Co-PSOs Mapping, Gap Identification Content Delivery method, Assessment Method, Assignments, Internal Assessment Questions with Answers, Question Bank and Attainment calculation.

Laboratory Manual and File for each corresponding lab course if prepared by the faculty. The Laboratory File comprises experiments according to the Syllabus assessment method. In the laboratory experiments, apart from regular practical 2-3 innovative experiments/projects are also included to enhance the knowledge of students.

Faculty motivates the students by incorporating interactive teaching methodology. Interactive Teaching includes Project based learning, Open ended questions, Peer Teaching , use of ICT resources such as E-Content, powerpoint presentation, animations, video lectures, group discussion, technical seminar, self-learning resources, department library, digital library, You tube videos/NPTEL/SWAYAM.

To help students in learning the course, each faculty shares subject materials, laboratory manuals, question banks and student material through departmental student resource website link.

Subject teachers in association with respective HOD’s identify efficiency of the curriculum delivery and take proper corrective measures to help the students. Measures include revision of topics, giving assignments to students, and arranging remedial classes to help weak students.

In the classroom, faculty ensures that students follow ethical and moral values. These values help the students to maintain discipline in both classroom and life.

The department follows an effective feedback mechanism to understand the views of students about the faculty teaching methods. Appropriate Corrective actions are taken to improve the teaching learning process.

Faculty members are encouraged to attend FDP and STTP to gain depth in knowledge about the course they handle

Contents Delivery Methods:

  • Lecture, Lecture with discussion and demonstration, Model Presentation, and conducting Quiz.
  • Active Learning Methods – Tutorials, Assignments, Teamwork, Case Study, Group Discussion, Technical Presentation (LCD), Lab Experiments.
  • Analysis Level Methods- Assignments, Mini Projects, Technical Seminar
  • Evaluate Level Methods- assignments, problem solving, seminars, case studies, lab experiments.
  • Multimedia Learning Process – Faculty use LCD projectors and other multimedia elements in the classroom to help students teach in a meaningful way.