Faculty Profiles

Serial No. Name of Faculty Qualification Area Of Specialization Designation Date of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is NO)
1 Prof. Prakhar Priyadarshi B.E. M.Tech. Ph.D. Signal Processing, Wireless Communication Professor, Vice Principal(Admin)
2 Dr. Arvind Rehallia B.Tech M.Tech Ph.D Information and Communication Technology Associate Professor
3 Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey B.Tech M.Tech Ph.D Pattern Recognition Associate Professor
4 Dr. Achin Jain B.Tech M.Tech Ph.D Soft Computing Associate Professor
5 Dr. Sarita Yadav B.Tech M.Tech, Ph.D Digital Electronics Associate professor
6 Dr. Surinder Kaur B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D Soft computing Associate professor
7 Dr. Alka Leekha B.E. M.tech, Ph.D Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data Associate Professor
8 Ms. Shikha Rastogi B.Tech M.Tech Data Mining Assistant professor
9 Ms. Neha Gupta B.Tech M.Tech Computer vision, Machine learning, Deep learning Assistant professor
10 Mr. Poras Khetarpal B.Tech M.Tech Machine learning, Deep learning, IOT, Power electronics, Electrical circuits, Control engineering. Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Ravi Arora B.Tech. M.Tech Ph.D Pursuing Computer architecture, software engineering, Machine Learning Assistant Professor
12 Ms. Neetu Singh B.Tech. M.Tech IOT, Networking, Algorithm Assistant Professor
13 Ms. Payal Malik B.Tech. M.Tech Machine Learning, Medical Image Assistant Professor
14 Ms. Nisha Malhotra B.Tech M.Tech Information System, Machine learning Assistant Professor
15 Dr. Mahesh Kumar B.Tech M.Tech Ph.D Machine learning, Deep learning, IOT. Assistant Professor
16 Ms. Kajal Kaul B.Tech M.Tech Internet of Things, Machine Learning Assistant Professor
17 Dr. Ajay Dureja B.Tech M.Tech, Ph.D Assistant Professor
18 Dr. Shyla B.Tech M.Tech, Ph.D Assistant Professor
19 Ms. Neha Sharma B.Tech M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Ms. Shafali Dhall B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D Assistant professor