Lab Incharge : Rachna Tewani

Lab Attendant:  Balendra Yadav

This Lab is prepared for students to perform Microprocessor and Communication System Experiments. The lab is well equipped with Computer systems, printer and white board.

Software Installed: MATLAB

Hardware kits available: DSB/SSB AM transmitter/ reciever, FM transmitter, PM/PAM/PPM/PWM transmitter, PCM transmitter

                                          Data formatting and carrier transmitter, Function generator, DSO

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab

List of Experiment

  1. Introduction to 8085 microprocessor and MP kit.

  2. WAP for addition of two 8-bit number (a) sum 8bit (b) sum 16 bits

  3. WAP for subtraction of two 8-bit number     

  1. First number is greater than second number

  2. First number is less than second number

  1. (a) Write a program to find the largest number in a given data array

  1. Write a program to move a block of data from one section of memory to another section of memory.

  1. Introduction  for Microprocessor 8086

  2. To add two eight byte number stored at location 0000:1300 to 0000:1307 with the number stored at location 0000:1308 to 0000:130F,the result is stored from location 0000:1308 onwords.

  3. To find the maximum number in a given string (16 bytes long) frommemory location 0000:1300 to 0000:130F and store the result in location 0000:1310

  4. To sort a string of number of bytes in descending order.

  5. (a) To multiply an ASCII string of “N” number ( “N storing Cx register) by a single ASCII digit stored in DL register the data is stored at memory location 0000:1300 onwards the result is string of unpacked BCD digits at memory location 0000:1308 onwards.

  6. Introduction to 8051 microcontroller & Keil software.                                                                                                                                                                                     

References Books:

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Embedded Systems”,2nd Edition, Pearson Education 2008.

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Communication Systems Lab

List of Experiments

  1. Generation of DSB-SC signal using balanced modulator.

  2 To study amplitude demodulation.

  3. Generation of SSB AM signal using Phase shift method.

  4. Demodulation of SSB AM signal.

 5. To generate FM signal using voltage controlled oscillator, Varactor diode & reactance modulators.

 6. Generation of PAM, PWM & PPM signals.

 7. Recovery of PAM, PWM & PPM signals.

 8. Study of line coding techniques in digital communication.

 9. Generation of ASK, PSK, FSK signals & their demodulation.

 10. Study of PCM generation & its demodulation.

Text Books:

[T1] George Kennedy, “Electronics Communication System”, TMH 1993

[T2] B.P. Lathi, “Analog& Digital Communication”, Oxford University Press 1999.

Reference Books:

[R1] Simon Haykin, “Introduction to Analog & Digital Communication”, Wiley, 2000

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