Journal Publications

Sr. No. Author(s) Title of the Article. ISSN/ ISBN /DOI No. Indexing Title of the Journal. Volume & Issue Number, Page Numbers, Month & Year of Publication. If SCI, mention Impact Factor.
1 Dr. Prakhar Priya darshi A Stacked Circularized Microstrip Antenna with Semi Circle Slot for ISM ISSN : 2230-5807 ESCI A journal for New Zealand Herpetology June , 2023, Vo12 Issue 03 2023
2 Arun Kumar Dubey, Sarita Yadav, Achin Jain Ensemble Deep Learning Derived from Transfer Learning for Classification of COVID-19 Patients on Hybrid Deep-Learning-Based Lung Segmentation: A Data Augmentation and Balancing Framework SCI Diagnostics,MDPI June,2023Volume 13, Issue 11 3.992
3 Poras Khetarpal Power Quality Disturbances Detection and Classification Based on Deep Convolution Auto-Encoder Networks DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3274732 SCI IEEE ACCESS May, 2023, IEEE Access ( Volume: 11) 3.476
4 Poras Khetarpal Mathematical Modelling to Predict the Effect of Vaccination on Delay and Rise of COVID-19 Cases Management SCI Mathematics,MDPI Feb,2023 ,Volume 10 , Issue 1, PP: 08-19 2.592
5 Poras Khetarpal Power quality disturbance classification taking into consideration the loss of data during pre-processing of disturbance signal SCI IEEE ACCESS Apr-23,volume 220 3.818
6 Poras Khetarpal Classification of Power Quality Disturbances Using Semi-supervised Deep Belief Networks SCI Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology, Springer Feb, 2023,volume 18 issue 2 1.528
7 Mahesh Kumar & Devender Kumar An Efficient Gravitational Search Decision Forest Approach for Fingerprint Recognition SCI The Kuwait Journal of Science March,2023,Vol. 50 No. 2A (2023) 0.806
8 Mahesh Kumar & Devender Kumar A hybrid approach of gravitational search algorithm and ant miner plus for Fingerprint recognition 10.1142/S0129183123500444 SCI International Journal of Modern Physics , World Scientific Sept,2023,Vol. 34, No. 04, 2350044 (2023) 1.3
9 Neha Gupta Fused deep learning paradigm for the prediction of o6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase genotype in glioblastoma patients: A neuro-oncological investigation SCI Computers in Biology and Medicine Feb, 2023,Volume 153, February 2023, 106492 6.698
10 Neha Gupta Role of Ensemble Deep Learning for Brain Tumor Classification in Multiple Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequence Data SCI Diagnostics,MDPI Jan,2023,Volume 13,  Issue 3 3.992
11 Neha Gupta Brain Tumor Characterization Using Radiogenomics in Artificial Intelligence Framework SCI Cancers, MDPI August,2022,Volume 14 , Issue 16 6.886
12 Neha Gupta Machine Learning in Healthcare Cybersecurity: Role of Human Activity Recognition and Impact of 6G in Smart Healthcare SCI Tylor and Francis June,2023,9781003321668,Page no.14,2023 6.886
13 Payal Malik, Ankit Vidyarthi A Computational Deep Fuzzy Network-Based Neuroimaging Analysis for Brain Hemorrhage Classification 10.1109/JBHI.2023.3270492 SCI IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 27 April 2023 8.33
14 Payal Malik, Ankit Vidyarthi A deep learning assisted image-guided framework for
differentiation among tumors and hemorrhages in head imaging SCI Computers and Electrical Engineering October 2022,Volume 103,108330 4.19
15 Sarita yadav Performance analysis of a dual-hop parallel relayed mixed FSO-UWOC system SCOPUS journal of OPTICAL COMMUNICATION Mar-23
16 Neha Gupta Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable and Inertial Sensors SCOPUS Innovations in Information and Communication Technologies. Algorithms for Intelligent Systems Sept, 2022
17  Surinder Breast Cancer Detection Using Deep Learning and Feature Decision Level Fusion, SCOPUS Fusion: Practice and Applications (FPA) Vol. 08, No. 01. PP. 50-59
18  Surinder Identification of Cardiovascular Disease Patients, SCOPUS Fusion: Practice and Applications (FPA) Volume 10 , Issue 1, PP: 08-19
19 Arun Kumar Dubey, Achin Jain Crime Anomaly Detection using CNN and Ensemble Model ISSN: 2692-4048 SCOPUS Fusion: Practice and Applications (FPA) Vol. 11, No. 01. PP. 89-99, 2023
“Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering”
Vol 14, Issue 51, Pages 104-110
“Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering”
Vol 14, Issue 53, Pages 363-369
22 Achin jain Multimodel Driver Drowsiness Detection From Video Frames DOI: SCOPUS Journal of Mobile Multimedia  2023: Vol 19 Iss 2 11/15/2022
23 Arvind Rehalia Internet of Things Based Pestand Growth Management System Using Natural Pesticides & Fertilizers For Small Scale Organic Farming DOI: 10.14704/NQ.2022.20.15.NQ88581 eISSN 1303-5150 SCOPUS NeuroQuantology Volume 20 | Issue 15 | PAGE 5777-5785
24 Arvind Rehalia A Comparative Approach On Enhancing Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Networks DOI: 10.47750/pnr.2022.13.S07.189 page 1291-1299 ISSN: Print -0976-9234, Online – 2229-7723 SCOPUS Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results Volume 13 ¦ Special Issue 7
25 Arvind Rehalia A review on nanomaterials for drug delivery systems and application of carbon based  nanomaterials ISSN: 2578-062X (Online Version). doi : 10.30919/esmm5f824 SCOPUS ES Materials & Manufacturing
26 Ajay Dureja, Aman Dureja, Suman & Payal Pahwa Real-time load balancing and dynamic profile management in mobile data networks SCOPUS International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems 20-Jun-23
27 Vaishali Sharma, Nitesh Nagpal, Ankit Shandilya, Aman Dureja and Ajay Dureja A Practical Approach to detect Indoor and Outdoor Scene Recognition” in International Conference on Information Management & Machine Intelligence SCOPUS ACM Digital Library 30-May-23
28 Dr. Amarjit R Deshmukh, Dr. Arvind Rehalia CASE STUDY- DISTANCE EDUCATION AND ICT ISSN NO. 0972-0766 UGC CARE
29 Dr. Amarjit R Deshmukh, Dr. Arvind Rehalia ICT AND DISTANCE EDUCATIONS – LITERATURE REVIEW ISBN NO. 0974-0066 UGC CARE JAN-JUNE 2023



Sr. No. Author(s)  Title of the Article ISSN/ ISBN /DOI No.  Indexing Conference Detail Volume & Issue Number, Page Numbers, Month & Year of Publication
1 Sarita yadav A Novel System for Fall Detection in the Elderly SCOPUS IEEE Explore Mar-23
2 Achin Jain , Arun Dubey A Novel Framework for Crime Anomaly Detection Using Convolution Auto Encoder SCOPUS IEEE Explore March, 2023
3 Ravi Arora,Samyak Jain,Sanjay,Priyanka Behera Wind Power Forecasting Using VARMAX DOI:10.1109/ICTACS56270.2022.9988181 SCOPUS IEEE Xplore October, 2022
4 Poras Khetarpal  Power Quality Disturbaces Detection and Classification Based on Deep Learning Convolution Auto – Encoder Networks DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3274732 SCOPUS IEEE Xplore May,2023
5 Mahesh Kumar & Devender Kumar A Systematic Analysis and capturing of Complete and Latent Fingerprints DOI: 10.1109/CCiCT56684.2022.00028, SCOPUS IEEE Xplore 12-Oct-22